Care Guide

How To Look After Your Beautiful Balloons

We want you to get the best out of your Balloons, so here are a few handy tips that will stop you feeling deflated!


Chances are, it might be a bit chilly when you collect your balloon, so it’s worth being mindful of how the colder weather can affect it.

Helium floats due to it being thinner than air, but when it gets cold it makes it dense and therefore heavier than air, causing the balloon to decrease in size and sink. Once they are placed in your home or party venue at room temperature the helium will expand and the foil balloon will go back to rightful size and shape.

It may seem obvious but while our balloons appear durable they do POP! Letting your balloon bob along into a seemingly innocent household item, can lead to disaster and you’ll be cursing yourself for not thinking it through.


Sharp or hot objects

Playfully determined pets with claws, paws, beaks or teeth!

Being dragged through doorways

Getting trapped in car boots or doors

Big or little hands that forget to hold on tight

Extreme weather


If your balloons are to decorate an outdoor event then unless the weather is completely calm, your balloon will be affected by the wind and move around. They do not like rain and will sink significantly and may pop in hot sunshine.  

Although all of our balloons are weighted, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to sustain outdoor climates.


To ensure that our Bubble Balloons leave the shop in tip top condition, they are inflated 24 hours before the scheduled collection time. This process allows time for any manufacturing faults to appear and means that your balloon is Party Ready. 

Please follow the recommended guidelines as once you have left the shop the care responsibility is yours